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How to Find The Best Candidates for Your Company

Every organization wants a highly-skilled workforce, and it’s equally important to have a team of employees who embody their company’s core cultural values and mission. Having a team that brings similar values and personalities to the workplace makes it easier to keep everyone focused on the same goals. With this in mind, be proactive in recruiting candidates who don’t just have the hard qualifications needed for the job, but also a personality and work ethic that aligns with your organization’s culture.

As your team undergoes the process of bringing on new employees, here are some key steps to take when assessing candidates:

Showcase Your Company’s Values

Very often companies forget to articulate the key values in their workplace culture when recruiting new hires. However, an employee’s ability to mesh with your culture can determine his or her long-term potential at the organization. As you develop job descriptions and conduct candidate communications, it’s important that your recruiting efforts reflect the type of culture people can expect from your organization. For example, at the end of each job posting, you can include a brief vision statement which explains your company’s values and how it lives up to its mission. This will help you attract the type of candidates who will prosper on your team and immerse themselves in your culture.

Choose the Right Interview Questions to Assess Fit

Interviews are typically the best time to assess candidates for cultural fit. Rather than focus interviews solely on a candidate’s skills and the job at hand, be sure to evaluate how candidates’ personalities and work ethics would align with your workplace operations. For example, does the candidate enjoy teamwork and collaboration? Or do they prefer to be isolated and alone when working on a project? If you have a heavily team-oriented culture, a candidate who prefers to work independently may not be an ideal fit. “Culture fit” can also be evaluated by learning candidates’ values and career goals, and assessing whether their preferences match the employment experience offered by your organization.

Find the Right People for Your Business

Implementing the practices above in your recruitment and hiring process will improve the quality of employees you bring on your team and your employee retention efforts as a whole. Most importantly, incorporating these practices in your hiring strategy will allow you to grow your company with individuals who are fully committed and driven to help your organization succeed at its fullest. Carlton Staffing will work with your business to find the staffing solution that works best for your needs.

Looking for the Right Employees?

Providing candidates with an inside look at how your team works and what your company stands for can go a long way. Knowing what you are looking for in new hires is also essential in making sure your team brings in the right people. The personable and knowledgeable recruiters with Carlton Staffing will work with you to find the candidates that fit your company best.



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