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Tips for Attracting Candidates with Effective Job Postings

Organizations that are struggling to attract high-quality candidates often blame a poor talent pool or lack of qualified workers seeking jobs. However, in addition to external factors, every successful recruiting and hiring strategy is dependent on the development of effective job descriptions to catch the attention of candidates.

Your job postings are essentially your gateway to talent, serving as the first impression you’ll make on every candidate who considers applying to your company. Making your job descriptions a priority has the possibility to increase application submissions and enhance the quality of candidates who apply to your organization.

Here are three major tips to keep in mind when creating job postings:

Make Job Descriptions Clear and Easy to Read

Job descriptions that are too lengthy or hard to read is one of the fastest ways to turn away qualified candidates. Though a job description should, of course, be complete and thorough, it should highlight all the job’s required tasks, responsibilities and qualifications in a clear, concise and easy-to-read format. Typically, this involves summarizing information in bullets so candidates can quickly scan the description and assess their eligibility for the position quickly. When drafting job descriptions, it’s best to avoid large blocks or paragraphs of information which can be hard for applicants to digest.

Avoid Using Buzzwords and Jargon

Using complex industry words and phrases in a job description is a common way potential candidates become disengaged when reviewing a description. Using over-the-top SAT words, common clichés or fun buzzwords and slang can make your job description appear unfocused and downright confusing. It’s best to be as concise as possible when outlining a job’s tasks and responsibilities, using language that is clear-cut and easy to understand. This will prevent candidates from getting bogged down in unnecessary details, allowing them to focus on the most important aspects of the job’s core requirements.

Give Applicants a Strong Understanding of Your Company

It’s important to remember that candidates aren’t just applying to a job – they’re applying for an opportunity to be part of your organization. To attract top candidates, you must help applicants understand what your company is truly about. This involves including your mission and values within the job description, as well as describing how the job itself fits within the scope of your organization. The more articulate you are in conveying cultural benefits, the more you will engage and interest your “ideal candidates.”

Make Sure Your Company Keeps Candidates Interested

Being proactive about developing job postings that effectively describe your employment opportunities and capture the essence of your culture will have significant payoffs for all your hiring outcomes! If your company is looking to stay proactive about other aspects of your staffing strategy, contact the team of experts at Carlton Staffing and see how your business can benefit.



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