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How to Nurture Your Talent and Develop Passionate Employees

In training and workforce development news, we often hear a lot about “employee engagement” and best practices for retaining employees. We know that failing to effectively engage employees can result in poor work performance and culture – both factors that can have a negative influence on a company’s bottom line.

However, what’s often overlooked is the role of passion in driving employee engagement. A study by Deloitte found 88 percent of employees who do not have passion for their work do not contribute their fullest potential. When broken down into simple terms, this concept makes a lot of sense. Who would work their hardest at something they’re truly not invested in? Without sparking an interest in your employees, it will undoubtedly be a struggle to motivate and inspire them.

Here are some ways in which you can both nurture talent at your organization and create a team of passionate employees.

Encourage Cross-Collaboration

Employees who feel siloed or isolated from others in the workplace will eventually become bored, resentful or disenchanted with their work. To drive passion and interest, you must promote team building and cross-collaboration among your company’s many departments. Doing this will give your employees the opportunity to develop relationships in which they can learn from others in your organization and acquire new perspectives as they advance in their own roles.

Give Employees Space for Personal Growth

Employees who have the freedom to explore their professional interests are the happiest. It’s hard to get employees motivated if they feel stifled or limited in their roles. Rather than micromanage or be controlling, it’s important to provide employees a certain amount of autonomy. This will allow them to work at their own pace and feel empowered to achieve in a way that’s most meaningful to them. For example, some employees enjoy working independently, while many prefer working in groups. Giving your employees some room to breathe will allow them to find their own way and carve out a path that works best for them.

Connect Workers to Your Greater Cause

It’s not enough to simply assign work to your employees and expect them to be immediately excited. You must make a proactive effort in connecting your employees’ work with the mission and values of your workplace. The way in which your leadership team communicates with your team has a strong influence over this. For example, do your leaders speak at company-wide meetings with energy and purpose? Or do they stand at a podium reading a set of scripted remarks? Regularly connecting your organization’s mission with the day-to-day operations of the company will resonate strongly with employees, fueling passion in their jobs.

For the reasons above – among many others – it’s essential that you are committed to creating a sense of passion in all your employees. Over time, this will build a workplace in which every person feels fulfilled and driven to perform their best. Carlton Staffing prides itself on making connections that work, helping your business find and retain talented employees that fit your needs.



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