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How to Refine Your Employee Sourcing Strategy

carlton staffing refine employee sourcing strategy

Many organizations know firsthand that finding top-notch employees is no easy task. Hiring managers must continually identify new ways to recruit the most qualified talent, which requires a commitment to refining employee sourcing strategies on a regular basis. Even with the internet providing abundant sourcing opportunities, many companies are finding themselves competing for the best talent on the market.

As you evaluate your recruitment strategy, here are some ways to refine your employee sourcing strategy.

Focus on the Quality of Your Job Descriptions

With so many job openings posted to the Internet, you must do everything in your power to ensure your postings shine brighter than the others. This means being creative with job titles and writing compelling job descriptions that clearly and accurately describe what the person will be doing on the job. In addition, it’s important to reference how the position offers room for growth. Keep in mind that ambitious and driven candidates are looking for more than just a job – they’re looking for opportunities where they can advance their careers.

Tap into Professional Networks

Professional networking groups (especially ones online) offer valuable outlets to find candidates with the qualifications you’re seeking. Tapping into industry groups, such as posting jobs to a LinkedIn forum, will allow you to promote openings to a more narrowly defined and targeted group of potential candidates. Instead of posting jobs to all sorts of online job boards, leveraging your networks to promote your opportunities will help you develop connections with individuals in the industry who could potentially become your future employees.

Reconnect with Former Applicants

There’s a good chance you’ve interviewed many qualified candidates in the past you didn’t hire the first time around. It’s a worthwhile practice to go back into your database of resumes and touch base with candidates whom you’ve considered for previous jobs, as they may be better fits for your current openings. This practice cuts down on the screening process, as you’ll access better quality candidates more efficiently.

Work Smarter to Recruit Better

Working smarter – rather than harder – is key to improving your recruiting strategy! By making the effort to refine your employee sourcing process, you’ll achieve better hiring outcomes while saving your hiring team precious time and resources. If your company is looking for a staffing agency that makes connections that work, contact Carlton Staffing today.




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