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Looking for New Jobs in Your Area? Give Facebook Jobs a Try!

Have you been applying to jobs with no luck? If you’ve saturated job search sites and feel like you’re at a dead-end, it’s time to consider Facebook Jobs. Applying to jobs on Facebook is a seamless process which gives job-seekers a quicker way to connect with recruiters to start the process of finding new employment.

Featuring new jobs right in your newsfeed, you can easily access new positions that fit your specific criteria, such as geographic region, job title, and industry. Carlton Staffing places a number of jobs in Texas and works with candidates who apply through Facebook Jobs!

Here are just some of the reasons to get your profile ready and put Facebook Jobs to work on your job search.

1. You can easily apply to a position.

The Facebook Jobs platform is by far one of the easiest sites for applying to jobs. By clicking on the job posts generated by your searches, you can simply click “Apply Now” to access the application.

How quick is it to apply to a job using Facebook Jobs? Incredibly easy! Clicking “Apply Now” pulls up a short application, and it automatically loads your name, location and contact information as well as the employment and education history you have listed on your own Facebook page.

Before applying through Facebook Jobs, make sure your page has all the relevant information your potential employer would want to see on your resume. With that information in hand you can quickly apply to a number of jobs and jump-start your hunt for a new opportunity.

2. You can better target your job search.

One of the best parts about Facebook as a job tool is the ability to search for targeted positions based on your specific qualifications and interests. On the Facebook Jobs platform, you can use the site’s search tool function to specifically discover jobs you are interested in, as well as your preferred geographic location. With the search results generated, you can pick and choose what job postings you’d like to pursue.

3. You can use Facebook to learn more about a company.

With Facebook Jobs, you can easily find a company’s Facebook page which features information about what they do and who they are – before deciding to work with them. This allows you to explore if a job would be a good fit for your professional goals and interests, as you’ll be able to view the company’s updates and posts. You may also be able to view hundreds of photos and videos about the organization just from checking out its Facebook page.

Ready for a new job? Get connected with Carlton Staffing on Facebook and let our team bring your career to the next level!

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