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How Hiring Managers Can Create a Great Candidate Experience

As you consider how hiring at organizations may be improved, it’s common to think about the hiring process only from the prospective of hiring managers. However, hiring managers must also account for the type of experience they’re providing job candidates.

There are many factors that go into creating a positive candidate experience for job applicants. Hiring managers who adhere to the practices below will have an easier time engaging with high-end candidates and attracting them to their company’s employment opportunities.

Exhibit Responsive Communication

Candidates with many job options expect and deserve to hear from employers who they’ve pursued for job openings. Regularly communicating with candidates who have submitted applications and interviewed with your company will keep them informed of their status in the hiring process. Make sure to contact candidates via email and keep them in the loop, which shows that you value their interest and time.

Notify Candidates Who Aren’t Chosen

While it’s easy to dismiss candidates who don’t interest you for interviews, it’s a poor practice to disregard them entirely. Notifying candidates who haven’t made the cut for an interview or the job itself is the courteous way to handle candidate rejections. Many employers opt for a short email stating their appreciation for the candidate’s interest in their organization.

It’s also a great idea to remind candidates to apply for future openings at your company that may be better suited for them. This keeps the door open to prime individuals who could end up being perfect fits for other jobs at your organization.

Gather Candidate Feedback

It’s very difficult to improve candidate experience if you don’t know how candidates truly feel about your existing process. Surveying candidates for their feedback is a powerful way to make meaningful changes to your candidate process on many levels. Whether it’s through short electronic surveys or post-interview phone calls, hearing firsthand from candidates will provide you with new insights for handling the hiring process. It will also allow you to reverse any negative actions by your HR team that may be turning off talent and derailing your hiring outcomes.

Regardless of how well you think your candidate experience may be, there’s almost always room for improvement. Taking the time to enhance your hiring process and make a rock star impression in the eyes of candidates will ultimately attract more talent to your organization in the long haul!

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