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Carltech Professional Group Presents HR Diagnostic Report

carltech HR diagnostic report

At the request of many of our clients, Carltech Professional Group is pleased to announce the roll out of our new HR Diagnostic Report. This report is a comprehensive review of the human resource competencies within your organization/company; essentially a snapshot of current operating procedures.

For example, think of it as taking your car in for a checkup. After the checkup, you get a diagnostic report of what’s working and what needs a closer look.  Recognizing that an organization and its operations are constantly changing, it is intended to give the company’s leadership valuable and actionable information about their internal HR organization.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1        HR Diagnostic Assessment.  A meeting with you – the business owner, President, or CEO – to complete a comprehensive questionnaire specific to your HR organization.

Step 2        HR Diagnostic Review.  A thorough review and analysis conducted by our team of HR experts to pinpoint the findings in the assessment.

Step 3        HR Diagnostic Report.  Another meeting with you to discuss the findings and present recommendations and solutions.

Your upfront investment of time yields relevant and useful information.  Our HR Diagnostic Report highlights areas of improvement all along the continuum.  Whether the decision is to embark on all of the proposed recommendations at once or in segments, the experienced and highly qualified HR team at Carltech Professional Group is here to help!




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