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How Does Your Job Search Change When You Work with a Staffing Consultant?

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Are you looking for a new way to jump-start your job search? There’s no denying that job hunts can often seem overwhelming, especially with the burden of your current job and your life outside of work. If you’re hitting a wall looking for a new opportunity or just want someone to assist in your search, you may want to explore how working with a staffing firm can help! Working with a staffing consultant can significantly ease the burden and stress that comes along with finding a new job.

How much do you know about what it’s like to work with a staffing consultant? Stay tuned and follow Carlton Staffing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for helpful tips and facts! Here’s a quick background on what to expect when working with a staffing consultant.

Finding Temporary Employment

Many job-seekers in Texas aren’t aware of the great amount of temporary positions available to them. Staffing consultants can connect you to a temporary job that allows you to earn a steady income while working towards a full-time position. This can be helpful for many candidates who need to make ends meet and want to avoid having employment gaps on their resumes.

Nearly 300,000 Texans per week worked in a temporary position in 2017, and 70 percent of those workers were in the industrial, office administration, IT and scientific industries.

A True Partner in the Job Search Process

If you’ve been applying to hundreds of jobs online, chances are you’ve lost some focus in terms of applying for jobs that are the best fit for you. A staffing consultant will keep your career goals and needs at the forefront of your search.

Because of staffing consultants’ industry expertise in the hiring arena, they can offer a more valuable perspective in helping you effectively market yourself to employers. Furthermore, having a staffing consultant available to you as a resource throughout the entire hiring process can alleviate your stress and give you more confidence communicating with employers.

Exposure to New Opportunities

By working with a staffing consultant, you’ll gain access to hundreds of new job opportunities that you could not otherwise find online. Staffing consultants have many connections to employers actively seeking candidates and can quickly identify which types of positions may be a fit for your professional skills and experience. Your staffing consultant might even have access to the right position for you before it’s posted for the public to apply to! Developing a relationship with a staffing consultant will ultimately increase your job prospects and allow you to expand your network of contacts at companies of interest to you.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Carlton Staffing has remained committed to providing innovative staffing solutions to Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth companies for over 35 years. Apply today to find great new opportunities in your area.

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