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The Job Seeker’s Guide to Forklift Safety

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If you’re looking for a job in manufacturing or construction, you will most likely have some familiarity with the basics of forklift safety. The more you can educate yourself about best safety practices, the better off you’ll be in your future job. Employers are increasingly seeking candidates who are not only skilled, but vigilant about employing safe practices in the workplace.

If you’re new to forklift operation or just want a refresher, here are some of the safety basics you should know about.

Starting and Stopping

When operating any forklift equipment, it’s imperative you know to properly start and stop the machinery for the safety of yourself and others. Before operation, you should always inspect your forklift to ensure the vehicle is not defective or in need of any repair. This inspection typically includes examination of the equipment’s fluid levels, tire condition and pressure, condition of the forks, finger guards, and safety decals and nameplates.

Once the pre-operation inspection is completed before and after starting the engine, you must make sure your surroundings are clear. Even in environments that seem completely free of obstruction, it’s critical you proceed with caution as you maneuver the forklift, paying close attention to dangerous blind spots.

For stopping a forklift, you’ll want to identify a designated area to park ahead of time. It’s best to brake slowly, neutralize the controls, set the parking brake and turn off the ignition.

Turning and Steering

The safe operation of a forklift is not just about starting and stopping. It’s about being aware of all potential hazards – and knowing how to avoid these hazards – upon maneuvering the equipment.

Examples of potential hazards can include collision with pedestrians, a falling load upon collision or a rollover from turning too sharply. With turning and steering, it’s important to always reduce your speed to a safe level and be cautious when making turns of any kind.

Forklift Safety Practices

Operating a forklift requires complete attention at all times. To adhere to safe use of a forklift, you must be fully alert and rested. This means getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet so you can function at your best on the job. It also means regularly refreshing yourself on all safety practices so you don’t put yourself or others at risk on the job.

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