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Incentivizing Interviews: Three Perks to Get Candidates Through the Door

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With so much emphasis on recruiting candidates, it’s easy to forget engaging candidates throughout the interviewing process is just as critical for successful talent acquisition. Even after getting candidates to apply and express interest in your organization, getting them in the door for an interview can be the most challenging part of the hiring process.

There are steps you can take to get candidates excited about your employment opportunities. Here are three perks you can start using today to incentive interviewees and attract top talent to your company culture.

Participation Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love free money? Candidates will jump at the chance to take home a free gift card to a popular retailer like Starbucks or Target after their interview! Gift cards at a value from $10 to $25 can be considered travel reimbursement and demonstrate a high level of morale by your leadership team. Offering gift cards to pre-qualified candidates will show your appreciation for their time and help you make a positive impression as an employer from the start.

Virtual Interviews

With busy schedules, it can sometimes be difficult for many candidates – especially those with full-time jobs – to take time off for an in-person interview. Giving candidates the option to interview remotely over live video will make scheduling interviews more convenient and flexible for everyone involved. With this perk, candidates can use their lunch hour or other breaks during the work day to interview without having to worry about taking a day off from their jobs. If you’re looking to bring in new employees quickly, it helps to have flexible interview options for candidates.

Peer Interviews

In addition to speaking with a hiring manager, it’s helpful for candidates to get the perspectives of other workers at an organization when interviewing for a job. Offering candidates the opportunity to have peer interviews will give them a chance to hear about your company directly from those who work there. By using coworkers to conduct interviews, you’ll also showcase your culture to prospects and give them an inside look at what they can expect being part of your team.

What are you waiting for? Investing in your hiring process with these perks can have dramatic results for candidate engagement and employee retention.

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