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How to Write a Great Thank-You Note After the Interview

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Your interview is over and you’re breathing a sigh of relief. But wait – you’re not done yet. The impression you make on an employer after your interview is heavily determined how you follow up – or how you don’t.

Taking the time and effort to write a thank-you note showing your appreciation, as well as encompasses your professional expertise, can be a game-changing part of the hiring process. A handwritten thank-you note might take longer for your interviewer to receive than an email, but it shows them you took the time to reflect on the interview and are invested in the process. At the very least, following up via email is a good idea to keep yourself top-of-mind as the interviewer considers multiple applicants.

Check out these tips for sending a personal thank-you note that elevates you as a candidate in the eyes of employers.

Recall Your Conversation With the Interviewer

To truly make sure a thank-you note has a lasting impression, reference aspects of your conversation. Reflecting on what you discussed in terms of the role and how your qualifications align with the position is the best place to start. Consider drawing on some aspects of the interview that were discussed to show you listened closely to what the interviewer had to say and took the interview seriously.

Say Anything You Forgot to Say During the Interview

After your interview, you may have remembered something you meant to say about your skills or experience. The thank-you note is the perfect opportunity to highlight information you may have forgotten to say during your interview, such as an aspect of your professional expertise and how it connects to the job. Anything that reinforces what makes you highly qualified for the job will add value to your note and further demonstrate your fit for the position.

Send Your Note in a Timely Fashion

When it comes to thank-you notes, following up promptly is critical. Every company’s hiring timeline is different, and the last thing you want to do is follow up too late and get lost in the shuffle. Ideally, your note should be sent to the employer within two or three days of your interview either by mail or email.

While handwritten notes are often recommended due to their more personal nature, a nicely written email is also appropriate when sent in a timely manner. Delaying your response will likely result in forgetting aspects of the interview that you want to reference.

With these tips, you can write a thank-you note that shows you have the professionalism and manners employers are seeking in today’s candidates. Staying top-of-mind with your interviewer is key throughout the interview process, and a thank-you note is a leading way to stand out from the crowd

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