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Don’t Get Spooked by Employees Ghosting Their Jobs!

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Are you experiencing issues with employees who seem to vanish in the night, never to return? Commonly referred to as “ghosting,” employees who don’t return to their jobs without any explanation can be puzzling for many employers. The concept, known as job abandonment, has unfortunately become an issue at many organizations, affecting bottom lines and staff retention. If job abandonment has become a pattern with your employees, it’s time to set some new guidelines within your organization. You can start handling job abandonment with these steps.

Revisit Your Employee Handbook

Your employee handbook should clearly state how many days of work employees can miss before their absence is considered a resignation by job abandonment. Having this policy stated in writing will provide you with legal protection as an employer, as you’ll be giving reasonable notice to employees who are at risk of being terminated.

In the handbook, describe specifically what constitutes job abandonment. There are many factors to consider when determining the classification of job abandonment, such as whether the employee has been on paid or unpaid leave.

Notify Employees of Termination Policies

When an employee fails to show up to their assigned shift without communicating the reason for their absence, you must follow up right away and send them a letter. The letter should state that an official job termination will occur within three to five days if the employee does not respond with a reasonable explanation for their absence. If the employee still fails to respond after the letter is sent, you must stick to the policy outlined in your handbook and move forward with formal termination.

Make Sure to Stay Consistent

It’s not good practice to enact your job abandonment policy with one employee, and not another. Remaining consistent with your actions in handling job terminations is key to setting the proper precedent with your entire team, so they understand how their own actions may affect their employment status. It’s best to reinforce this policy every year at company-wide meetings, so employees are reminded about the protocols.

Rather than get spooked by employees ghosting their jobs, taking action with the practices above can prevent job abandonment from harming your organization’s productivity.

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