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2018 Recap: Top Posts for Texas Managers and Leaders

Are you looking for new insights into management styles and hiring practices? The end of one year – and the start of another – is the perfect time to shake things up and make some changes. As the year comes to an end, it can be helpful to reflect on the past year and take some time to plan ahead.

As you get your end-of-year planning underway, check out this round-up of five of our top blog posts for Texas hiring managers and leaders from 2018.

Ten Best Practices to Improve Your Team’s Internal Communication

Have you stopped to consider the impact of your team’s interactions? What is communication like in your culture? Are your employees comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions? This post breaks down some of the best practices you can implement to not only improve internal communication among your team but enhance your organizational culture from the ground up. Positive communication is often key to creativity in the workplace, as an environment fosters open lines of communication that promote growth and innovation.

Tips for Identifying Workplace Hazards

If your workplace isn’t safe, nothing else truly matters. Being proactive in identifying workplace hazards is the first step to developing an atmosphere in which every employee can feel safe and secure in their roles. This post highlights the many types of workplace hazards in manufacturing settings and the safety protocols that can be implemented to effectively prevent these hazards from harming employees on the job.

Make Safety a Priority in Your Workplace Culture

In addition to putting the necessary hazard prevention practices in place, it’s paramount you make safety a top-of-mind concern for your entire team. Creating a culture that values and promotes safety requires close attention to comprehensive onboarding and training programs. In this post, you can refresh yourself on the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE), employee safety policies and good housekeeping.

How Hiring Managers Can Create a Great Candidate Experience

The experience you create for job candidates can largely determine the quality of talent you attract to your organization. A powerful candidate experience requires a certain level of strategy and planning. The goal is to make sure candidates are engaged in a way that draws them into your mission and values. This post provides some key elements of a great candidate experience and steps you can take to find the highest quality talent on the market.

How a Staffing Firm Can Boost Your Search for Top Talent

If you’ve been struggling to find top talent this past year, it may be time to re-evaluate your efforts and get some help! Consider how a staffing firm can help you maximize your hiring practices and build a more robust talent pool. Even within just a few months, using a team of recruiters can allow you to find candidates more quickly, improving both your hiring outcomes and retention rates.

There you have it! With these tips and practices, you can set your organization up for greater success in 2019.

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