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How Can You Effectively Fill Positions Through Employee Referrals?

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Does it feel like an ongoing battle to find high-quality candidates? With the new year on its way, there’s never been a better time to maximize your hiring efforts with an employee referral program.

There are many reasons to fill positions through employee referrals: a wider talent pool, faster and more resource-effective hiring and higher morale and retention. Here are some of the main ways in which you can effectively fill open positions through employee referrals.

Keep Employees Informed About Referral Programs

It goes without saying that employees who are unaware of your company’s hiring needs won’t be able to help you find prospects. While it may sound simple, many companies fail to articulate positions which they would like referrals for and keep employees in the dark when it comes to new positions that need to be filled.

You can keep employees informed about new openings through internal communications channels, such as a monthly employee newsletter or other correspondence. An automated referral program may also prove impactful in ensuring employees are automatically notified of openings as soon as possible. You may even consider notifying your employees of job openings internally first, before the general public can view them and apply, so referrals can be the first applicants in line. Regardless of what channels you choose, ensuring timely communication is paramount.

Create a Simple Referral Process

Your employees are busy. Referring friends and family to your jobs is likely not their number one priority. Therefore, you must be proactive in making your referral process as simplified as possible so that your employees can easily refer candidates without it being a headache.

For example, you can make your referral platform mobile-friendly and provide a simple process for employees to submit information about their referral. The easier you make it for employees to submit referrals, the more quality candidates you’ll receive in a timely fashion.

Incentivize Your Employees

It’s very difficult to implement an effective referral program without incentivizing your employees the right way. Offering bonuses is a common incentive at many companies, but there are certainly other means that can prove to be more motivating. If you can bring in an element of competition by creating regular opportunities to praise employees and recognize their efforts, your employees may be more incentivized to bring in referrals while working together to reach a common goal.

When done correctly, employee referrals can be one of the biggest drivers of high-quality candidates. As you continue growing your team, make sure you’re involving your current employees in the hiring process!

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