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Are Unconscious Biases Affecting Your Management Skills?

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As a long-tenured professional, the experiences you gain have shaped your professional views and values. Over time, your management style becomes more established and you find the practices and techniques that work best for you and your business.

Have you taken the time to review your management style recently? Have you considered whether some of your guiding principles have become outdated?

We’re all biased to a certain degree, but it’s how you approach each opportunity that makes all the difference. By avoiding bias in the hiring process and your day-to-day work, you can build more creative, diverse teams who can think outside the box and bring the best solutions to your business.

Here are some essential tips for fighting against biases that may be harming the success of your team.

Expose Yourself to Diverse Talent Groups

Most often biases are formed due to exposure to common experiences and employees with common backgrounds over time. Making a point to expose yourself to a diverse pool of talented candidates and employees who may not be represented in your workplace will remind you of the wealth of expertise that comes from having a diverse team.

When you immerse yourself with new groups of people, you’ll gradually shift longstanding biases you may have been holding on to in the workplace. If you are looking to find new sources of talent who bring different perspectives to your business, a staffing firm in Texas can help you find the right people to grow your organization.

Hold Yourself Accountable

As a manager, you’re making decisions each day that could be impacted by bias. To fight these biases, it’s important to hold yourself accountable for each decision. You can do this by making decisions that are backed with data and explainable based on the needs of your workforce, rather than just making decisions based on what you know or what the company has always done. If you find this process to be difficult, it’s time to establish a stricter set of standards or guidelines in your decision-making process.

Lead With Honesty and Integrity

Being honest about your unconscious biases is the first step to making management changes that are in the best interest of every employee on your team. By recognizing the importance of reducing your biases, you’ll dramatically improve your ability to manage your employees with fairness and integrity.

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