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How to Make the Hiring Process Personal Again

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As the job market becomes increasingly competitive and fast paced, the majority of job seekers believe the hiring process has become less personal in recent years. It’s fair to say this can be attributed to many factors – including new recruiting technologies and the reducing number of face-to-face interactions during the hiring process. While the evolution of new staffing methods has made the hiring process faster and more efficient, it’s critical that employers take a step back and evaluate how their process is being perceived by their target candidates.

As you strive to personalize your hiring process, here are some important steps you can take to improve the candidate experience.

Establish Fluid Communication in the Hiring Process

Today’s candidates – especially millennial and Generation Z candidates – are wired to expect instant communication. Failing to actively communicate with candidates during every stage of hiring can result in a loss of interest by top prospects who may opt to withdraw their applications if they feel dismissed or left in the dark. There are many ways to leverage communication in personalizing the hiring process, including mobile texting, email updates. Using communications channels to let candidates know the status of their applications, as well as confirming interview times, will keep them engaged in the hiring process.

Invest in Your Website

The first thing almost any candidate interested in your company will do is check out your website. An old, outdated website can quickly turn away many talented job seekers looking for an innovative employer with a vibrant, robust culture. Taking the time to invest in developing your website with information about your mission, advancement opportunities and culture can have huge pay offs in drawing candidates that are aligned with your company’s values. This will automatically create a more personal experience for candidates who visit your site, allowing them to educate themselves about what makes your organization unique.

Make Direct Connections With Candidates

While there’s a great value in utilizing online platforms for promoting job opportunities, there’s an even better value in personally getting in front of candidates. Sending representatives from your organization to local and national job fairs, as well as colleges and high schools, will allow your company to personally connect with potential candidates. Having in-person conversations allows you to answer candidates’ questions and explain to them the many benefits of being part of your team.

Make a Strong Impression With Job Seekers in Texas

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