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What to Do If You’re Job Hunting for The First Time in A Long Time

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Do you recall the last time you searched for a job? Many job-seekers who are looking for a job for the first time in a long time often feel overwhelmed by how much the hiring process has changed.

Between increased competition for jobs in Dallas, TX and the evolution of social media, it’s easy to be confused and need of a refresher as you embark on new career endeavors. If it’s been years since you’ve been on the job market, we’ve got you covered with these tips.

Tell Everyone About Your Job Search

If you’re stressed out about searching for a new job, you may be hesitant to make it a topic of conversation with family and friends. Letting others know that you’re looking for a new job can be a game-changer for your search! A successful job search is often driven by word-of-mouth referrals.

Sparking a conversation with others about your job hunt can lead you to valuable information about relevant employers and opportunities, or even lead to a great job referral. Remember, every person in your network has hundreds of contacts who could potentially connect you to your next position.

Be Open to Temporary Positions

While many job-seekers are anxious to land a permanent position, there are many benefits of working a temporary position while you’re in between jobs. Exploring temporary jobs in your industry can help you earn a paycheck while further developing your skills and gaining more employment experience.

The best part is that a temporary job can often turn into a permanent placement, as you’ll be able to build a solid relationship with the employer and prove your value as a member of their team. Working with a recruiter can be instrumental in connecting you to temp jobs that align with your skills and career goals, and most importantly, a wider range of prospective employers.

Invest in Your Professional Development

Even though it’s easy to become consumed with completing job applications, it’s in your best interest to use some of your time off to invest in your professional development. As you explore companies, pay attention to what skills and certifications employers are looking for in candidates.

If you discover that you’re lacking in a certain area, consider taking an online class or seminar to get yourself up to speed. Making an investment in yourself will ultimately make you a more marketable candidate to employers, as well as help you advance further in your career.

In search of a new opportunity and job hunting for the first time in a long time? Carlton Staffing has remained committed to providing innovative staffing solutions to Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth companies for 39 years. Contact us today to learn how our staffing specialists can help you in your first foray into today’s job market.

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