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Four Ways Top Hiring Leaders Make The Right Hire

carlton staffing making the right hire in houston

Struggling to find quality employees? As the workforce development landscape continues to change at a rapid rate, hiring and retaining top talent has become a major struggle for all types of employers in recent years. While there’s no exact recipe or formula for making the perfect hire, staffing firms in Houston can help you determine whether a candidate is a hit or miss.

Here are four of the ways top hiring leaders strive to consistently make the right decisions for their organization.

1. Gauging Interest and Cultural Fit

Successful hiring leaders don’t just know what to ask candidates – they know what candidates should be asking them! Gauging a candidate’s interest in the job and company is one of the most important ways to determine whether he or she will be a solid fit for the position and workplace culture.

Many hiring leaders do this by evaluating what types of questions the candidate asks them, as well as their level of genuine enthusiasm throughout the interview. Generally, top candidates are individuals who ask questions regarding the path to career advancement within the organization and show a strong interest in being part of the company’s culture.

2. Evaluating Soft Skills

Hiring leaders know that hard skills are often much easier to teach than soft skills. Candidates who demonstrate a lack of adequate soft skills – such as strong communication or positive body language – will be more difficult to train and mold into the company culture. In general, candidates with a positive attitude and a high level of emotional intelligence will be a better investment of talent for your workforce, as they’ll be inclined to learn on the job and work well with others.

3. Determining Unique Strengths

Candidates who shine tend to bring to the table their own set of unique strengths which set them apart from others in the same talent pool. Effective hiring leaders often ask candidates to describe their strengths and explain how they’ve used them to contribute to business goals.

Asking candidates about how they can specifically add value to your organization will shed light on how they would be an asset to your organization in many aspects – culturally and operationally.

4. Evaluating Growth Potential

If your goal is to build a high-quality workforce, you want to invest in candidates who not only meet your qualifications but have the foundation to grow within your organization. For this reason, the best hiring leaders tend to consider only candidates who demonstrate an ambition and willingness to advance themselves. Making growth potential a priority when interviewing candidates will help you build a strong and dedicated team that will be part of your organization’s success for years to come.  

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