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Why It Pays to Promote Employee Wellness

There’s a lot of buzz these days about culture-building, but many leaders underestimate the role that corporate wellness plays into developing a positive and productive workplace. Giving your employees more opportunities to lead healthier lives will show that you value their well-being and want to provide a healthy, productive environment in which they can thrive. If your goal is to build a successful team and bottom line (and let’s face it, what employer doesn’t), here are some of the many benefits of creating a culture of wellness you may have not considered:

Higher Quality Candidates

Top candidates in today’s job market have their pick when it comes to employment, making it even more important for companies to offer competitive benefits packages. In recent years, wellness programs have become growingly appealing to emerging candidates in the workforce, as mental and physical health is top-of-mind for many professionals. This has become especially true for attracting millennial candidates who desire a work environment that values their well-being. Promoting a wellness program in your job descriptions, company website and social media channels will likely help to attract more qualified candidates to your positions while showcasing your company culture.

Greater Employee Satisfaction

When employees feel healthier, they will naturally have greater job satisfaction and enjoyment in the workplace. With many professionals skipping out on time at the gym due to busy work schedules, employees are increasingly appreciating opportunities to engage in healthy practices right at their jobs. For example, offering an onsite yoga class during lunch hour or healthy meal options at your company’s cafeteria are a couple easy ways to help employees achieve better health – even during the bustle of the workday. When employees can integrate wellness with their day-to-day work routines, they’ll feel more fulfilled and happier in their jobs.

Better Morale

When you provide opportunities for employees to engage in healthy activities together, you’re essentially giving them a platform to connect with one another on a more personal level. As employees work together to reach common goals, you’ll boost morale within your workplace and increase engagement among members of your team. After all, engagement and connection are the core building blocks for a workplace culture in which every person feels valued and respected. In simple terms? A wellness program can strongly elevate your company’s culture!

Investing in an employee wellness program can have huge payoffs for your organization on many levels, all which will ultimately benefit your bottom line. As you focus on ways to improve your culture, be sure to make health and wellness a top priority.


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