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Finding Balance Midway Through 2019


While you may have started the year with intentions to achieve a better work-life balance, chances are these goals may have gone out the window by now. Now with half the year under your belt, summer may be the ideal time to revisit your new year’s intentions and work on ways to improve your quality of life. Unfortunately, due to a multitude of reasons, many people develop poor habits that derail them from achieving a healthy balance between their work with their personal life. As you revisit your goals, here are some tips for getting yourself back on track.

Make Time to Unplug

Neglecting to unplug from technology is a surefire way to sabotage any sense of work-life balance. Spending at least a couple hours off your phone and computer will help you recharge and enjoy more quality time with family and friends. With cell phones constantly connecting us to work-related emails and notifications, it’s nearly impossible to truly escape work unless you make a point to put your devices aside during your personal time. Unless you’re dealing with a sensitive or urgent matter at work, chances are the email or phone call can wait until the next day. 

Set Boundaries

If you’re feeling like there’s very little separation between your work and personal life, it’s time to set boundaries – and sooner rather than later! This involves setting realistic goals for your personal and professional accomplishments, as well as effectively communicating to others around you how much you’re able to take on. For example, if you’ve decided to no longer respond to work emails on the weekends, but sure to make your coworkers aware of this. Being proactive about communicating your decisions – and sticking to your plan – will alleviate unnecessary burdens that you may be putting on yourself during your time off. As your schedule and commitments evolve, don’t be afraid to adjust your boundaries accordingly.

Regularly Check in With Yourself

Time flies and before you know it, six months of the year are gone in the blink of an eye. To truly stay on track, it’s important to make a habit of regularly checking in with yourself. Reserving some time each month to relax and do some self-reflection will allow you to hold yourself accountable in this process and figure out what areas you need to work on. For instance, have you stuck to your boundary-setting, but neglected your health and wellness? Asking yourself these questions will help you address what parts of your life need work, as well as celebrate the areas in which you’ve improved!

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