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Why a Recruiter is Like Your Own Personal Job Agent


Have you been on the job hunt for several months, spinning your wheels and unsure of where to turn next? Failing to land interviews and secure a new job can be a challenging experience, leaving you feeling deflated and unmotivated to continue your search. Fortunately, having a recruiter in your corner can significantly change the trajectory of your job hunt – and give you your sanity back! By streamlining the job search process and advocating on your behalf, a recruiter can give you the tools and confidence to shine in a competitive applicant pool.

In fact, in some ways a recruiter is like your own personal agent. Here are some of the many benefits recruiters can offer you:   

Convenience and flexibility.

One of the most overlooked perks of having a recruiter is the convenience and flexibility it affords. If you’re working a full-time job or are juggling a busy schedule throughout your job search, a recruiter can be a lifesaver! Once they learn about your qualifications and interests, your recruiter will conduct extensive back-end research of potential employers and identify jobs that align with your career goals. Many jobseekers enjoy the freedom to continue their regular routine without having to spend hours each day on the computer looking for jobs, or worse yet, take time off from work to interview at companies that aren’t the best fit for them!

Access to “best fit” job opportunities.

The customized approach of a job recruiter allows them not only to identify jobs but find positions that are truly a match for you in many aspects – including industry type, intended salary, culture, skills, expertise and education, among several other factors. Furthermore, what many jobseekers often don’t realize is that recruiters have a vast degree of access to employment opportunities that aren’t made public to the general job-seeking population. Because they have special relationships and partnerships with employers, recruiters can help you gain exposure to jobs you may have never heard of or considered. They are often the first to hear about a new opening and can recommend you to an employer before a job is even posted!

Tailored assistance with the job application process.

Sure, you can hire a specialist to help you with your resume – but why do that when you can use a recruiter? In addition to finding jobs, recruiters offer extensive assistance in all areas of the job search process, including resumes, cover letters, references and applications. They are also knowledgeable about the application process at many organizations, making them credible resources for what employers are looking for in application materials. A recruiter will work closely with you on customizing your resume for specific jobs so that you’ll stand out in the applicant pool and present yourself in the best way possible.

If you’re struggling to find a new job, it may be time to explore the help of a recruiter. In addition to saving yourself unnecessary stress and aggravation, you’ll propel your job search to a whole new level!

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