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How Temporary Employees Can Solve Staffing Headaches

Do your employees seem to leave you during the craziest of times? At many companies, the expression, “when it rains it pours,” often applies when it comes to unpredictable staffing levels. When one major staffing shift happens, often a dozen more come along with it. If poor retention and increasing labor demands are causing numerous challenges for your company, it may be time to re-evaluate your staffing approach. Temporary staffing can be a great option for any organizations that undergo big and small staffing changes throughout the year.

As you consider your options, here are some of the ways in which temporary employees can solve your staffing headaches while improving your workforce:

Staffing flexibility

One of the biggest advantages to employing temporary workers is the flexibility they afford your company. In many instances, such as when full-time employees quit unexpectedly, take medical leave or go on vacation, temp workers can fill in the voids for short periods, so your organization’s productivity or bottom line goes uncompromised. Temps can “fill in the gaps,” providing assistance on short-term assignments, additional projects or part-time work. Having access to experienced talent to fill in as needed will help your full-time staff effectively manage their workloads and better adapt to changing staffing levels.

Cost savings

As it becomes increasingly difficult to find and retain direct hire employees, many companies are discovering the monetary benefits of employing temp workers. The rising costs associated with full-time workers, including wages, benefits and taxes, can significantly surpass the costs of temp employees. This cost-savings has made temporary workers more appealing to employers, especially in reducing all the costs incurred with recruitment; advertising; screening and testing; and onboarding and training. In addition to cost-per-hire savings, a temporary workforce can relieve your company of financial concerns related to costly overhead and employee injury, as unemployment and compensation claims will be handled by your staffing agency.

Improved retention

When staffing levels unexpectedly take a turn for the worse, unfortunately your full-time employees can take a hit – causing many of them to quit and look for greener pastures. The addition of qualified temporary employees can improve your team’s job satisfaction, as temps will play a critical role in assisting with their workloads and keeping productivity levels high. Having the additional staff on board will reduce burnout among your team and keep them motivated on the job, ultimately improving employee retention.

These are just some of the reasons why temporary employees can be an asset not only to your workforce, but your bottom line! If you’re struggling to maintain adequate staffing, explore how temporary staffing options can benefit your company and ultimately transform it for the better.

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