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Make Your New Hires Feel Welcome with These Four Tips

Do you remember your first day at a new job? You probably felt a combination of nervousness and excitement. Well, it’s fair to say your new employees also experience that same mixed feeling. Even if you’ve invested in a robust onboarding process, there are some additional things you can do to assist your new hires in transitioning into their roles and feel more comfortable in their new workplace.

Here are four tips you can implement today to make your new hires feel welcome:

Reach out ahead of time.

To truly set the right tone, getting in touch with your new hires before their first day can automatically make them feel welcome. As soon as a new hire accepts your offer, consider sending them a welcome kit or introductory letter explaining your company is excited to bring them on board. You can even add elements of your culture to this, such as including a company logo keychain or pen as a branded welcome gift. The point of this initiative is to establish positive communication with your new hires before they embark on their first day!

Give new hires an opportunity to meet your team.

There’s perhaps nothing worse for a new hire than to feel like an outsider at the start of their job. During the initial onboarding process, giving new hires a full tour of your workplace and introducing them to your team can help them get acclimated with their coworkers. One of the ways to effectively facilitate introductions is by scheduling a structured meet-and-greet in which your new hires can meet all the team members individually in 15-minute intervals. This will give them a chance to converse with personnel in a more relaxed setting before working with them on the job.  

Establish a mentor or “buddy system.”

No matter how much training and onboarding you provide, new hires will inevitably still have questions and concerns during their first weeks and even months on the job. Assigning each new hire with a designated mentor will give the on-site support and guidance they need to navigate their new work environment. Furthermore, this initiative encourages engagement and culture-building among your team, instilling a sense of comradery, teamwork and friendship between mentors and mentees.

Ask for feedback.

Seeking the feedback of new employees after the onboarding process has a couple major benefits. First, it gives you valuable insight about what can be changed to improve your initial communications approach with new hires. Second, and perhaps most importantly, asking for feedback demonstrates to new employees that you value their opinions and ideas. This indirectly indicates to them that they can freely express themselves without fear of judgment, setting the stage for more open and fluid communication with your newest staff moving forward.

With these tips, you can successfully integrate new hires into your workplace while putting them at ease throughout the onboarding process. In addition to improving your company culture, you’ll create an environment in which both your new and existing employees feel valued.

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