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Three Ways to Appear More Confident on a Job Interview

Do you often find yourself feeling paralyzed during job interviews? During these types of stressful situations, you can take some small steps to appear more confident – even if you’re feeling like a wreck inside. When it comes to becoming a rock star interviewee, the expression “fake it ‘til you make it” rings true. If you’re proactive about looking and acting the part, the rest of your interview performance will gradually fall into place and you’ll feel prepared for anything that comes your way.

Check out these three simple, yet effective ways to appear more confident on job interviews.

Pay attention to your body language.

Without even saying a word, you can exhibit confidence simply through your body language, or nonverbal communication. You may have never even paid attention to how your posture, positioning of your hands or eye contact can dramatically alter how you appear in front of an interviewer. During your interview, make a point to stand and sit in open positions, with your arms by your sides (not crossed) and your back held straight, rather than hunched over. It’s also important to make direct eye contact and smile, as this shows you’re engaged in the conversation and paying full attention to the interviewer.

Speak slowly and clearly.

When you’re nervous, it’s common to speak very quickly and use run-on sentences. To effectively get your point across and appear confident, it’s critical that you speak slowly so the interviewer can clearly understand you. If you find yourself stumped on a question, don’t be afraid to ask for a minute to think about your response. Even just an extra 20 seconds will give you time to sort out your thoughts and put together a coherent answer, rather than blurting something out that makes no sense or doesn’t address the question.

Be genuine in your responses.

Many jobseekers over-prepare for interviews in which they end up appearing overly rehearsed and robotic with their responses. While you certainly should strive to maintain a professional demeanor, make an effort to be genuine in your responses – especially for questions pertaining to why you want the job and why you believe you’re qualified for the position. Presenting yourself as authentically as possible will ultimately resonate most with the interviewer, making you a memorable candidate long after the interview is over.

Not only will these tips make you appear more confident, they’ll make you feel more confident too! The more you practice these positive verbal and nonverbal communication practices, the more comfortable you’ll feel walking into any job interview.

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