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How to Identify a Chronic Job Hopper

Have you found that one of your company’s biggest downfalls is poor employee retention? If so, you’re not alone. With it now being a job-seeker’s market, it’s become a major challenge for companies to keep their best and brightest talent. In most cases, the key to positive job retention is to hire the right people from the start. As job-hopping continues to be prevalent in all industries, employers must be highly cognizant of spotting candidates who aren’t fully committed to the opportunity to work at their company.     

First and foremost, it’s important to note that job hopping in candidates can occur for many reasons and does not always indicate a candidate is a poor fit. In the past, these candidates may have struggled to find the right cultural fit or became unmotivated to do well for various reasons (such as bad management, inadequate training or lack of advancement opportunities). However, regardless of why a candidate may appear to be a job hopper, it’s critical to drill down their true intentions to effectively assess whether they’d be a viable long-term employee. 

As you screen and interview candidates, here are two major red flags that may indicate a chronic job-hopper:  

Scattered employment history  

While top candidates often possess a rich and comprehensive employment history, it’s important to know the difference between progressive professional growth and inconsistency. If a candidate has held several positions within a short period of time (such as four jobs within two years) or has worked in many different industries, these may be signs they lack a sense of commitment to a strong career path. Rather than writing off a candidate immediately, consider asking them about their employment history and what led them to pursue so many different positions. Giving candidates an opportunity to provide context about their decisions will help you better understand their goals for the future.  

Lack of genuine interest  

Have you ever interviewed candidates who seem completely disengaged? Candidates who lack interest in your organization and appear to have little sense of direction in their own careers will likely have a low potential to thrive in your workplace. So, how can you tell which candidates have the drive and ambition to excel at your company? First, note whether they ask questions during or after the interview. Does the candidate express genuine interest in learning about your company’s culture? You’ll also want to look at the big picture. Does the candidate demonstrate positive verbal and non-verbal communication skillsAre they smiling and making direct eye contact? Do they appear driven to succeed and apply their skills and talents to the workplace? Assessing these factors will help you decide whether a candidate truly has potential to become a member of your team.   

Hiring new employees that aren’t fully invested in the opportunity to establish a career at your organization can have disastrous effects on your culture, operations and bottom line. By training your hiring team on how to spot chronic job hoppers, you can save your company significant amounts of time and money in the long run.  

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