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How to Resolve Your Daily Staffing Issues

Resolving staffing issues is an ongoing process for most employers; however, there are some critical steps you can take to ensure smoother staffing transitions throughout the year. Whether you’re experiencing unexpected vacancies or need to ramp up productivity during your busiest seasons, there’s a great value to planning ahead sooner rather than later. Here are some steps you can take to start preparing:   

Determine long-term and short-term staffing needs

Staffing levels change year to year and forecasting your long-term and short-term needs ahead of time can help you develop a recruitment plan that best accommodates your organization. You can start this process by evaluating your staffing activity over the past several years and identifying what months or quarters in which you hired temporary or seasonal workers to keep productivity high. From there, you can devise a staffing strategy that streamlines hiring and recruitment, in which you may consider enlisting the help of a staffing firm.    

Establish an employee referral program

In many cases, your employees are your biggest resource for generating a pipeline of top-quality candidates. Establishing a program that encourages your employees to refer friends and family members to your job openings will increase the number of viable candidates that apply to your company. There are many types of incentives you can offer employees whose referrals end up employed at your company. Such incentives may include monetary rewards, such as gift card or bonusor other initiatives like paid day off or a free lunch. Promoting your referral program internally will help to promote these incentives to your staff, prompting them to serve as brand ambassadors for your company and regularly share both full-time and temporary job openings with their networks.   

Develop a strategic staffing partnership

As noted in the first step above, a staffing partnership can be instrumental in helping you effectively meet ongoing staffing requirementsA staffing firm will work closely with your hiring team to determine your workforce needs and execute a comprehensive recruitment and hiring plan, including screening, interviewing and onboarding of new workers. During your busiest times of the year, your staffing partner can significantly relieve your hiring team of the daily nuances that come along with hiring, allowing them to focus on other parts of their jobs, such as training and development.  

Implementing the practices above at your company will allow you to streamline your staffing process, while better serving the needs of your clients and customers. Most importantly, you’ll be proactive in keeping workflow at a healthy level while reducing the incidence of burnout among your current team.  

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Carlton Staffing has remained committed to providing innovative staffing solutions to Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth companies for over 30 years. Get in touch today and learn how a staffing partnership with Carlton Staffing will help your organization reach its workforce development goals.  



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