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Multi Faceted Job Search

By Annette Monks, CTS

President, Carlton Staffing

How to Go “Further Faster” in Your Job Search

Most job seekers search for jobs online by posting their resumes on different job search platforms, and applying to positions they find interesting. Unfortunately, they don’t often receive the responses they hope or expect. We, in the recruiting world, call this method “post and pray.” By the way, these are not a bad methods at all. But, if you want to get further faster, I suggest that you up your game.

For comparison, consider the last time you had to have work done on your home. Let’s say you needed someone to clean your gutters. Here are some ways you may have found this type of service and how it compares to how we search for jobs.

Bottom line, if you were in a hurry to get your gutters cleaned in your home, would you just execute the first technique and wait, hoping someone will call OR would you want to get it done NOW and with someone YOU choose? If you decide you want it done NOW with someone YOU choose, you would go with the third technique, or a combination of all three to ensure the quickest and best results.

It is no different when conducting your own job search. All three techniques or methods are effective, although some might get you more direct results. Utilizing them ALL ensures you will get further faster!

Next, if you utilize all of the methods listed above and engage with lots of different TYPES of organizations, you would exponentially increase your odds at finding your best job match….and more quickly! Here are the types or categories of organizations you can look up and put on your list to expand your efforts:


  • Job Fairs – virtual and online. Many individual companies are conducting in-person job fairs. There are many virtual job fairs sponsored by local radio stations, individual companies or the Texas Workforce Solutions.
  • Texas Workforce Solutions. Do not count this valuable resource out for having great options on their platform of job postings!
  • Veteran There are many organizations in Texas who are focusing on our veterans now.
  • Industry associations – most of their websites now have a career or job posting page. If not, look up the officers and network with them for possible job opportunities that they may be aware of in their member base.
  • Faith based and other non-profit job search ministries – churches and other non-profits often have a job search ministry.
  • Social media platforms. LinkedIn is the most universally used site for professional interactions although Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok all have increased in job postings and company visibility.
  • Targeted/direct outreach to individuals at companies you want to work for
  • Online job boards. No question you will find many postings for jobs on these and you can post your resume to be viewed by hiring managers as well.
  • Individual company websites. Most companies have a “careers at _____” page which will show what positions they have open with a link to apply directly.
  • College/Universities you attended. All have career placement services.
  • Vocational schools you attended. Many of these schools are funded with the expectation of having a certain % of their graduates placed in jobs so if you went to a vocational school, it benefits them to help you!

Not sure where to find these?  Almost all of these categories will net multiple organizations from a simple Google search.

Searching for a job is work. However, if you put the effort in on the front side, you will find what you are looking for much faster than sitting around waiting for a call that may never come. Take control of your destiny and implement multiple techniques to all categories of organizations and you will find that the phone will ring much more than you ever imagined!



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