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Carlton’s Inaugural “Heart of Carlton” Award Recipient Announced!


When Stephen Horton joined Carlton in 2013, he brought with him over twelve years of staffing experience, but more importantly he brought his passion of this industry.  Stephen’s nature was to help others and he did this as a colleague, manager, salesperson, coach, father, husband and friend.  Everyone who knew him is better for that experience. Stephen lead with the heart of a servant and most of all, he lead with love.

We decided after his passing in March of 2021 to honor Stephen’s legacy by creating an award called “The Heart of Carlton” which is to be voted on by the staff and given out at our annual meeting each year in Q1. The purpose is to recognize someone at Carlton each year who has created similar experiences for others throughout the year – especially with other Carlton colleagues. Nominees for this annual award will have demonstrated the characteristics that made Stephen unforgettable:

  • Generous with their time, talent and treasure
  • Optimistic
  • Joyful
  • Dedicated to the success of their team
  • Always learning
  • Respectful to all, regardless of their station in life
  • Humble
  • Happy for others’ success

We are thrilled to announce our first recipient of this honor – Katie Sechrist! Katie worked her way up the ranks at Carlton and now serves as our Director of Operations. Comments made about her from the team include:

“She is always available and willing to help. She is kinda the heart beat for Carlton.”
“She is very helpful and very respectful.  Dedicated, always helping others.”
“She is always positive, optimistic and cares about the success of the company”
“She is extremely dedicated to the company and is always encouraging us.  She is always available and willing to provide help us individually at anytime.  She is always positive and looking for ways to motivate the Ops team.”


Congratulations Katie for this much deserved honor!



One response to “Carlton’s Inaugural “Heart of Carlton” Award Recipient Announced!”

  1. Brought me to tears, this is a perfect way to honor my best friend Stephen. His legacy of having a kind servants, humble heart will live on in the heart beat of the workforce at Carlton Staffing!

    The phenomenal attributes he possessed and shared with others will be an endless waterfall of goodness that will trickle down and continue to touch the lives of so many for generations to come!

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