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What Motivates Your Employees to Work Safely?

Standard safety and compliance training will always be paramount in any industrial workplace, so it’s important to help your employees take ownership for the safety of themselves and their co-workers. Incentivizing your employees to follow safety protocols will help you create a culture that thrives on the health and well-being of every person on your team. When it comes to safety, instilling a sense of motivation within your organization involves a combination of education, communication and strategic training.

Here are three strategies you can use to make safety a priority for all your employees.

1. Implement Employee Safety Videos

While written documentation regarding your company’s safety procedures and protocols is important, incorporating more engaging formats of information into your training and development program, such as video, can be impactful in educating your employees about safety in the workplace.

Using videos to show safety measures “in action” is a more interactive way to engage new employees in the onboarding process and refresh existing employees about safety. What’s most effective about videos is their ability to highlight specific messages and engage viewers in a way that’s more exciting than a written manual or newsletter.

2. Conduct Frequent Reviews

If your employees aren’t being held accountable for their actions, they’ll be quick to dismiss safety altogether in their day-to-day routines. It’s imperative you regularly evaluate employees’ adherence to safety practices on the job, giving frequent reviews and constructive feedback. Making evaluations a priority will keep your employees on their toes and reinforce to them the importance of maintaining a safe environment at their work stations at all times.

3. Reward Consistency

In terms of rewards, you don’t want to recognize safety alone – ideally, you want to reward consistency. Providing recognition or financial incentive to supervisors or managers who consistently demonstrate safety in the workplace will give them more motivation to set a positive example and enforce safety protocols for the individuals on their teams. Rewarding safety rather than performance alone will ultimately improve the workflow of your organization and allow for better productivity, reducing the incidence of injuries or fatalities.

Does Your Company Need Staffing Assistance?

Incorporating the practices above will help create a workplace in which all employees will feel empowered and motivated to maintain the highest level of safety. By taking this approach, you will improve the safety of your workplace, as well as productivity and employee retention. If you need extra help in your workplace, contact the team of skilled and efficient recruiters at Carlton Staffing to customize a staffing solution that works for you.



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