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Avoid Burning Bridges: How to Change Jobs and Maintain Relationships

Have you ever felt pulled in all sorts of directions when making a job change? Leaving an employer for a job at a new company, or switching industries all together, can present some challenges when it comes to building and maintaining relationships.

Changing jobs while maintaining strong professional relationships is a balancing act. However, maintaining good relationships are key when leaving for a new job, especially if you are hoping to draw upon coworkers and managers for future references. Is it your time to find a new job? Carlton Staffing is a leading staffing firm in Texas that can help you meet your career goals and find the opportunities you’re looking for.

Here are three ways you can avoid burning bridges when going through career transitions.

Leave with a Positive Attitude

Even though you may feel anxious during your last two weeks at a job, it’s important to remain positive in the workplace until the end. It’s best to express gratitude for the opportunity to work at the company and explain to others you’re excited to take on new challenges. Show your coworkers and managers you have valued your time with the company and are appreciative of what you’ve gained from the experience. Leaving your job on a positive note will open the door for positive, long-standing relationships with colleagues – even though your final days in the workplace might feel a bit awkward.

Maintain Contact with Managers and Employees

If you truly want to keep a professional relationship strong, you need to make the effort to stay in touch with the other person – even when it’s not as convenient. Something as simple as sending a birthday card each year or sending an occasional note to schedule a lunch date can help keep the relationship alive. With so many social media channels, there’s no excuse not to engage with your contacts on a regular basis. In many cases, actively using LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with your professional network.

The bottom line? Always keep lines of communication open! You never know when you may want to use a former coworker or manager as a referral for an exciting new opportunity.

Avoid Badmouthing Anyone

It can be difficult not to speak badly of a former boss or coworker who treated you poorly. However, for the sake of your career growth and future job opportunities, it’s best to avoid talking negatively about anybody you’ve worked with in any capacity. Showing professionalism in all your interactions and being discrete when discussing past employment will show employers you have respect and integrity and will represent their company in the best light possible.

It’s much easier to burn a bridge than it is to maintain and build upon relationships. Being mindful of the tips above will help you exhibit a high level of professionalism at all times – even during major career transitions.

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