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What Can You Do When You “Don’t Have Time” for the Job Search?

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Think about this scenario: You’re miserable at your job and know you need to find work elsewhere – but finding the time to actively search and apply for a new job feels daunting and impossible. While many people claim they don’t have time for the job search, there are effective ways to get a job hunt on track even with the busiest schedules.

The key is to strategize accordingly, so you’re using your time and energy wisely! Here are some tips for help you work smart – rather than hard.

Take Control of Your Schedule

One of the biggest benefits you can control on your job search is organization. Even if you’re working a full-time job, it’s critical you set aside time each week to work on finding jobs and submitting applications. For example, you may reserve a couple of hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to work on applications, emails and cover letters.

To stick with a schedule, try marking time in your calendar and make sure you work somewhere where there are no distractions, such as a quiet home office or library. Creating a routine will allow you to make progress each week without feeling overwhelmed or behind in your search.

Start a Dialogue

While it’s not a great idea to share your job search with co-workers, it is important you start discussing your career goals with others in your network. For example, if you’re at a family picnic or networking function, strike up a conversation with others around you, and if the opportunity presents itself, share that you’re searching for new employment. There’s a good chance someone you stumble across at personal or professional functions will be a great resource in potentially helping you find a new job or serving as a referral for you at their company.

The key to this type of networking is to start a dialogue about your job search in settings where you’re reconnecting with family and friends or meeting new people for the first time.

Streamline Your Search

Any successful job seeker will tell you that blindly looking at positions as they come up is a waste of your time! Streamlining your job search will allow you to identify jobs that align with your qualifications, skills and interests so you can focus on applying only to the right types of positions. You can streamline your search by setting up Google alerts, creating accounts on relevant job boards, and joining company email lists. Finding ways to easily put top jobs on your radar will ultimately allow you to spend less time searching, and more time applying!

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