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How to Move on From Criticism and Improve Your Job Performance

Have you been dreading your next performance review? It’s true that most people don’t enjoy criticism, especially when it’s given on the job. However, learning how to accept and use constructive criticism for professional growth and development is often critical to career advancement. In many ways, the feedback given to you by your manager and other mentors can provide valuable insight and guidance, helping you evaluate your performance from a different perspective.   

Here are some key practices for how you can use constructive criticism to your advantage:  

Accept criticism graciously and do some self-reflection

Learning how to accept and reflect on constructive criticism can be one of the most powerful things you do for your career. Once you receive feedback, take some time to do an honest evaluation of your actions. While not all feedback should be fully taken to heart, chances are there are some opportunities for you to improve your performance and experience greater professional growth. Rather than get immediately defensive, looking at criticism with a more open mind will allow you to gain an understanding of the other person’s point of view.    

Start to make small changes

Sometimes receiving criticism of any sort can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling like you’ve got a long road of improvements ahead. However, the key to improvement is to be self-aware of your weak spots and mindful of how you can work on them. Rather than put pressure on yourself, start identifying a couple small changes you can make to put the feedback you received into action. For instance, if you’ve been advised to work on your listening skills, start paying more focused attention to what others are saying at meetings, rather than immediately jumping in and asking questions. Over time, small changes can add up to significant improvements in your performance!  

Embrace your professional relationships

Even though criticism can sting from time to time, staying committed to your professional relationships is key to your continual improvement. It’s important to remind yourself that managers generally offer feedback with good intentions and want to see you succeed. Maintaining relationships with these professionals throughout your career can be instrumental to your progress, allowing you to develop a “thick skin” as you’re guided by the advice of trusted professional mentors in your industry.  

As President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “It’s not the critique that counts – it’s what you do with it that has the power to change your life and inspire the people around you.” With the right mindset, you can use constructive feedback in a transformative way to propel yourself to greater success personally and professionally.    

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