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What to Expect from the Houston Labor Market


As it’s become much harder to find qualified candidates fill jobs, many employers are left wondering – where are all the good candidates going? Look no further than Houston, TX! According to the Houston Business Journal, Houston has been a key leader in the nation’s job growth over the past two years. With many industries in Houston experiencing enormous growth – including energy, aerospace, distribution, manufacturing, life sciences and medical – the city has arguably become one of the most popular cities for jobseekers of all kinds.

Here are some of the reasons for this surge in Houston’s labor market – and why the city has become such a hot destination for jobseekers.  

Housing affordability

Houston has built a reputation for affordable housing, making it an appealing metropolitan city to live and work. When compared to cities of a similar nature, Houston ranks very affordably, ranking at 8 percent cheaper than living in Chicago and 13 percent cheaper than Austin, Texas. There are also many housing options in Houston to fit your budget, from low-cost apartment living to homes in the city’s many surrounding suburbs. Houston’s booming housing market has made it easier for jobseekers to relocate, as they’re able to find options that fit their budget and lifestyle.

Top college and universities

With proximity to many top universities, there are thousands of jobseekers each year graduating from nearby collegiate institutions – including University of Texas, Texas A&M, The University of Houston and Texas Tech University, just to name a few. This makes Houston a hotbed for candidate prospecting, as employers can target their recruiting efforts on recent graduates seeking entry-level work in a variety of industries, from healthcare to manufacturing. Additionally, many of these colleges and universities have partnerships with employers throughout the city, in which students can gain internships and preliminary work experience resulting in permanent employment.

High quality of life

Perhaps what has attracted jobseekers most to Houston is the quality of life it affords people of all backgrounds and income levels. From eclectic neighborhoods and dining options to countless recreational activities, there’s truly something for everyone in the city. In addition to award-winning restaurants, a thriving fitness scene and family-friendly fun, there are many notable cultural, sports and entertainment attractions throughout the city. Put it all together and Houston has much to offer!

With all these factors combined, Houston’s labor market shows no signs of slowing down. By growing your talent pipeline in this city, you’ll improve your placement outcomes while expanding your candidate pool in all industries.

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